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How-To DIY Resources

Visit our blog and click on the top right of the screen to access DIY resources including:

  • *Gathered End Hammock instructions
  • *12' Hex Tarp instructions
  • *Whoopie Sling assembly using Amsteel
  • *Continuous Loop assembly using Amsteel

and the process we use to make our Chinook Down Quilts

$18 Flat Rate - Canada Post Expedited shipping


*A note on shipping via Canada Post. If your order is small (weighing less than 500g) and flat enough to qualify for "envelope status" we can ship in a flat 8"x10" envelope. Your order will ship without a tracking number and will be a bit slower for delivery.  The cost is $5.00. Because there is no tracking number we can not be responsible for lost packages by Canada Post. The shipping calculator can not account for this, but if the option is available we will contact you. If agreed upon, the balance of shipping charges will be refunded to you, the customer.

* Fabric shipped on rolls available with minimum 25yd order per colour/type. Additional shipping charges will apply. Please contact us prior to ordering for specifics.