Gemini Twin Hammock

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Introducing our true Twin Hammock. no this isn't your usual double hammock. 

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Two People.

Two Trees.

One Hammock.

After a year of prototypes and testing we are ready to launch our Gemini twin Hammock. The answer to hammock camping with your favourite person! No more separate hammocks tied to separate trees or finding three trees or any of the other partial solutions on the market today. 

With the ability to share the same tarp and use a traditional underquilt for each person you have the comfort and convince of a regular gathered end hammock. Using four of our 1" wide polyester tree straps with cinch buckles for suspension. A carbon fibre spreader bar at the head end of the gemini prevents the occupants from being squished together.  Set-up and use couldn't be simpler.

Constructed using our 1.6oz HyperD ripstop nylon.

We recommend when making your colour choice to have your accent colour different than your main hammock colour. If your looking for something unique send us an email and we can collaborate on something to suit your needs!


  • Hammocks are 11’ with ridgeline set at 110” 
  • Standard cinch buckle suspension with 4 10’ straps
  • The bugnet is integrated and able to be zipped to the footend and stored in the peak. All models include the bugnet
  • The fabric panel is wider at the head and tapers towards the feet. The extra room is great as it allows either person to sleep head right/feet left or visa versa. (Symmetrical design)
  • standard underquilts are compatible. 
  • Pack hooks installed at all 4 corners to prevent the underquilts from shifting while in the hammock. 
  • Carbon fibre spreader bar splits in half, shock cord connects the two pieces and is 34” long, weighs 3oz (85g)
  • Hammock weighs 2lbs 8oz (1125g)