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  • Tree Straps
    Tree Straps

    1 pair of 10' long tree straps with 3" sewn loop on one end.  *more...

  • Continuous Loop
    Continuous Loop

    Pre-spliced AmsteelĀ® continuous loops for use in gathered end hammock...

  • Whoopie Sling
    Whoopie Sling

    Sold individually so you can mix colours. Whoopie Slings are one of the...

  • Hang Time Hook
    Hang Time Hook

    The HangTime Hook is your solution for watching a movie or just...

  • Gutermann Mara 100
    Gutermann Mara 100

    Gutermann Mara 100 thread A lighter weight version of the super popular...

  • The Cottager - Custom Lounging Hammock
    The Cottager - Custom Lounging Hammock

    Ripstop gathered end Hammock manufactured right here in Manitoba by...

  • Flat Elastic cord
    Flat Elastic cord

    High quality flat elastic cord *sold by 9 foot sections (3 yds)

  • Hammock Suspension Kit
    Hammock Suspension Kit

    2 cinch buckles on 7/64" Amsteel continuous loops 2 Tree straps - 10'...



Fire Box

Made in Manitoba by Chris Randall, these fireboxes are ideal for back country camping. Wood heat is retained and concentrated providing an excellent cooking surface. Strong and durable made from stainless steel

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items