The Chickadee - UL hammock

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Our wide body Ultralight 11' netless hammock weighs in at a mere 239g (8.5oz). Included with your hammock is a complete UL suspension set consisting of 5' polyester tree straps, 6' attached whoopie slings, carbon fibre toggles & matching double ended stuff sack. Total pack weight is 356g (12.5oz)

*Add a Dyneema Fixed Ridgeline (110") to get that consistent hang every time!

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*Charcoal Grey option uses 1.0oz RobicXL and NOT 1.2oz 

ROBIC® fabrics are up to 50% stronger with 2.5x the tear strength. In other words, it's hard to break and tough to rip.

As the name implies, 1.2 ROBIC XL Hybrid also uses our unique Hybrid custom fabric weave. Unlike most ripstop that uses the same yarn size throughout, we use a thicker, stronger yarn for the ripstop grid (80D) vs the base fabric (20D). The result is a stronger and more rugged material with minimal increase in overall finished weight.     

To reduce bias stretch and increase abrasion resistance, 1.2 oz ROBIC® XL also uses a diamond hybrid ripstop grid. This makes it easier to sew, increases comfort for load bearing applications (e.g. hammocks), and extends the overall life of the fabric. 

Like the other fabrics in our XL line, we've custom woven 1.2 oz ROBIC® XL to be WIDER than standard fabrics at 68" versus the more common 60" width.