About Us

Having a central location in Canada allows us to service all of Canada efficiently. All of the materials offered for sale on our website are of the highest quality. The fabric is manufactured in the USA, sourced from one of the pioneer companies in the industry Ripstop By The Roll. The selection of fabrics they offer is incredible, laser focused on the outdoor market.

Our Journey started a little of 2 years ago. My father and I took my boys for a weekend canoe trip. With the limited space I had available my aim was to pack as light as possible. Two particular items I purposely left at home.

  1. My self-inflating air mattress - after all the ones I have are bulky and I used to always sleep on the ground when I was younger so no big deal right?
  2. A camp chair - basically for the same reasons, the fold up 'tube-style' camp chairs that are so common these days are heavy and just plain bulky.

Long story short is that it was the longest most uncomfortable weekend I can remember! But that sent me on a mission - there must be a better way to camp.

Enter the Hammock!

The more I explored the option of sleeping above the ground the more I realized there's lots to learn! Consequently there's not much available up here in Canada. Hammock camping is becoming hugely popular and our market is much smaller than the United States. Because of this there's not much available up here. There is however a few well known manufacturers. Hennessey Hammocks is a definite pioneer with a great product. Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) carries a few of their models. ENO Hammocks is another very well known leader in the industry. Of course there's many others you can find on the internet by doing a simple google search.

But for the most part, those are just the hammock - one piece of the system. You need to consider 3 things when sleeping overnight in a hammock - in Canada:

1. Rain

2. Bugs

3. Warmth

The Hennessey's come with a built in bug net & a tarp so your most of the way there. But generally speaking, temperatures below 18C your back will be cold, suffering from what they call Cold Butt Syndrome.

I felt selection was limited but besides that I wanted to make my own! There's many great resources available online but I hit a wall when it came to sourcing local product. No one I could find carried the specific ripstop nylon I was looking for, not to mention the various accessories needed - even the 100% polyester thread that everyone mentions on the hammock websites - Gutterman Mara 70 - known for it's high quality and strength. Couldn't even find that locally. This forced me to order from vendors in the States which means paying a lot for international shipping & duties.