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A premium hammock suspension option offered by Dutchware. Two 8" Amsteel Continous Loops, Titanium Dutch Clips, Titanium Beetle Buckles & their proprietary Spider/Poly 1" webbing. Included in this bundle is a HOGS suspension storage pouch. Made of super tough X-Pac, the side zipper opening allows you to store your suspension neat and tidy. 

*Weight Limit - 250lbs*

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What's Included:

2 - 12' Spider/Poly tree straps

This is a 1 inch UHMWPE and polypropylene mixed webbing which is what gives it the cool look. Designed to be a lighter weight alternative to regular polyester webbing but still work with buckles unlike kevlar webbing. This is a great middle ground when it comes to webbing. The key features of this webbing are that it weighs less than polyester webbing, has very low stretch and it works perfect with cinch buckles, spiders, Dutch buckles, etc.

2 Dutch Clips

The Sew-on Dutch Clip is designed specifically for webbing based hammock suspensions. The Dutch Clip replaces a carabiner for a quick connection and release around the tree. Dutch Clips are meant to be used only with hammocks that have a 30 degree angle or sag in the suspension.

2 Beetle Buckles

Titanium Beetle Buckles are a revolutionary new patent pending suspension system. It excels where other suspension pieces fall short. It is made from grade 5 titanium so it is light, strong, and won’t corrode. It has special wings that are used to easily release the tension and adjust it. The anchor connection system makes it so you can disconnect your suspension and store your possibly wet or sappy suspension separately from your hammock. Lastly, you can get a spreader bar and adjoin two hammocks together into a two person shelter.

2 - 7/64" Amsteel Continous Loops (8")

Used at the gathered ends of your hammock. Stronger than the equivalent size steel cable. Amsteel continuous loops attach easily to Beetle Buckles.

1 X-Pac zippered storage pouch

This round zippered pouch is made in house at HOGS. Made of super tough, water-proof X-Pac, it is the perfect solution to store your hammock suspension. Weighs 16g. 

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