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Cinch Buckle

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1" steel cinch buckle. Wonderfully simple hammock suspension.

*Sold in pairs (2)

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1" steel cinch buckle. Provides a quick and easy method of joining webbing to your hammock.

The cinch buckle is the most simple and easiest way to hang your hammock. These buckles take the guess work out of hanging your hammock. Easily adjustable along the entire length of tree strap made from 1″ webbing. Just wrap your strap around the tree. Pull the strap to get the right amount of sag and your done. The tension provided by the hammock locks the buckle in place, no back-up knot is needed.

Attach a continuous loop of your desired cordage to one end of the cinch buckle. This loop is passed through the gathered end channel of your hammock. Feed your tree strap through the open end of the cinch buckle, over the sliding bar and back through. The sliding bar locks the strap in place. 

*Note: Cinch buckles sold in pairs of 2. Enter "1" in the Qty field for 2 cinch buckles.

57grams (1.94oz) per pair.